Social media is inescapable these days. It really is everywhere. And everyone is on it.

Whether you are a mother of three in the suburbs of New York City, an immigrant deli shop own in Ann Arbor, Michigan or a fifteen year-old high school student in Dillon, Texas, chances are you are on Facebook, and probably use other social media as well.

And it is not just individuals with Facebook pages and Twitter accounts – companies are increasingly relying on social media for marketing, advertising, and promoting themselves. Whether it’s to find more customers, communicate with the ones they already have, or try to win back the ones that have left for the competition, companies of all sizes are using social media to their advantage.

Or at least they are trying.

Not every company or organization achieves the same level of success. It is very important to have a good understanding of social media and how to use it. For some people, it comes very naturally, but even for them, they should get to know the rules of how to use social media.

It is also important to keep in mind that these rules are different depending on who you are. Obviously a comedian can say things that an international non-profit cannot. Every business is different, too. If you are considering using social media to build some buzz for your business, take the time to design a social media plan specifically for your company and the brand you are trying to create.

Below are some tips for marketing your apartment community using social media. Implement – and adjust – them as it works for your apartment community!

TIP #1 – Keep it fun!

It is important not to forget that ultimately people use social media as a form of entertainment, and if they do not find your contributions entertaining on some level, they will not be interested. What qualifies as “entertainment,” though, really changes from industry to industry. The bar is higher for a water park than for a taxi company, for example.

For an apartment community, make sure that the posts you put on Facebook or the tweets you send on Twitter or the pictures you post on Pinterest or Instagram are interesting and appealing.

TIP #2 – Don’t be annoying.

Another very important rule for using social media is not to overuse it.

On Facebook, that means not posting more than a few times a week, at a maximum. If you post too much, people will learn to ignore you and eventually you’ll stop showing up in their feeds. On Twitter, you can tweet more than that, but space out your tweets and never have a message that takes more than 140 characters, meaning never tweet a message that requires two tweets.

TIP #3 – Announce gatherings, open houses, and other events on social media.

Are you planning on hosting an open house to attract new renters? Are you holding a barbeque to give the residents a chance to mingle and socialize? Will there be a blood drive or other public service on the premises of the apartment community?

You should be sure to announce the event using Facebook. Send out a Facebook invitation and remind people as the event gets closer. Promote it on Twitter, too. Feel free to link to the Facebook invitation so interested people can get more information.

TIP #4 – Stay relevant!

In addition to keeping things fun and entertaining, you also want to keep them relevant to the apartment community.

Are you using a Facebook page to promote a personal interest? You shouldn’t.

Use the Facebook page to build the brand of the community. Only post articles, questions, or information that is relevant. But feel free to have fun within that scope. For example, you could post a message about the fact that the weather is going to be beautiful over the weekend and suggest some fun local activities to enjoy.

TIP #5 – Use a human voice.

A big mistake a lot of corporate marketing departments make is speaking in a robotic, corporate voice and not a human one. You want your Facebook page to sound like there is a person behind it, not a computer. And considering there is a person behind it – and not a computer – this shouldn’t be too hard.

Speak in a consistent voice, but keep it light and fun. There is no need to sound formal and serious. Again, social media is about fun!

Mark Russell is a writer who specializes writing about apartment living, social media and various other topics. Mark is a father, a husband and a pet owner.  Mark enjoys spending time reading and golfing in his free time. Mark can be contacted at