How to communicate with anyone! Avoid toxic traps:

  • Communication is a Universal Human trait
  • Everyone communicates
  • Verbally
  • Non-verbally
  • Visually
  • At a glance, you can see pride, joy, determination and….
  • Disappointment!
  • Or, you may look at someone and see no emotion…

Yep, we’ve communicated pretty much since the dawn of time.

Yet, communication is also one of the most poorly cultivated Human traits.

“The single biggest problem in communication is…the illusion that it has taken place” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Everyone says “I am a great communicator”! But are they? Are you?

  • How do you speak to your residents?
  • Is your marketing communicating what it should? Visually?
  • How about your employees, do they know how to communicate?

According to Nancy Duarte, 81% of executives surveyed believe that strong communication directly impacts success!

If you’re not leasing the amount of apartments that you think you should, then your first step is to figure out how to communicate!

We have created a communication drought! Are you ready to make it rain?!?  But how do we cultivate great communication? With a rain dance?

First, Learn that ALL communication is “high stakes”! Effective communication is criticial to all our roles.

  • Residents need to be talk to, understood, and listened to.
  • Leasing consultants need to be able to effectively communicate with your prospects about your community
  • Marketing folks need to be able to visually communicate and verbally communicate!
  • And of course, your property managers hold the responsibility of taking information from those in charge and implementing it onsite!

Improving communication will make you more effective and efficient! Beware of Verbal and non-Verbal communication!

  • Space
  • Gestures
  • Instinct

Body language is crucial!

  • 93% of communication comes from non-verbal cues
  • Only 7% from words
  • 38% voice quality
  • 55% non-verbal

Listen with your eyes! Listen, don’t “hear”. Communication is 2 way!

  • Active listening is necessary for 2 way conversation
  • Barriers to Listening:
  • Active listening demands 100% attention
  • Active listening will send the right signals
  • Builds rapport
  • Be in sync
  • Eye contact
  • Choose your words carefully
  • Send your message
  • Be selfless, not selfish
  • Devote sufficient time to communication

“We must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world. And use this as a guide to our communication with others.” ~ Tony Robbins

  • Focus on making a difference for others
  • Understand what is being said
  • Seek clarity
  • Understand their map of the world and Remember their map
  • Don’t ASSUME!
  • Replay what you heard
  • Don’t focus on your response
  • Once you understand, a response will follow!

Use their language.  Say only what you need to say. Connect Emotionally and Rationally.

  • So many people struggle with this!
  • You have to have both. You must be able to appeal to their emotions while following a rational line of thought. Simultaneously!

Respond straight forwardly to questions. Check their understanding, did they catch everything you said, have you asked them yet?!? Avoid Technical language. Avoid Ambiguity.