•Good communication is critical when dealing with customers. Strive to be clear and concise in your communication with current and future customers.

• Resident retention is ongoing and proactive. If you do something to make your residents smile each month AND are on top of your maintenance service; that’s proactive. By being proactive you eliminate battles before they begin. Get to know what your residents want, stay on top of their needs, and be visible to them, morning, noon, and night. Learn ways to interact cheaply and positively with your residents.

• Resident retention is the most cost effective way to maintain high occupancy. Right now we have to do everything we can to hang onto our current residents. Find out what they want and need, and do everything you can to give it to them! A retention plan helps you to retain your customers for as long as they need rental housing in the area. Even if demand is high, it still costs your community money, generally equivalent to a month and a half of rent or more depending on market conditions, to turn apartments due to disgruntled customers, let alone the reputation a community may receive when team members don’t care about their customers’ interests.

• Be aware and listen. You’ll be ahead of the competition just doing those two things.

Sales Tip: YOU decide what kind of attitude you have. How you REACT is more important than what just happened.

The sales environment exposes you to being rejected over and over. How you view the rejections, and more importantly, how you react to them, determines your attitude and your success.

Solution: The sales expert thinks, “I am the top sales person and I have a great product that will make many happy homes for people.”

How can you reject the bad feelings that can come with rejection? Here are three ways:
1. Imagine yourself wearing a Superman Shield to deflect rejection.
2. Remember the prospect is rejecting the apartment, not YOU.
3. There is no failure, just feedback.