Looking for ways to show your renewing residents some love? Get creative! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Closet Makeover

You can get dust free, coated wire shelving at any hardware store and have your maintenance team install it for your residents. What a great upgrade!

Built-In Microwave

Again, really affordable and easily installed.

Faux Granite Laminate Countertops for Kitchens

Who doesn’t love a new look for their kitchen? There are GREAT options out there nowadays that look so much like granite at a fraction of the cost.

1 Hour of Redecorating Service

Redecorators decorate your home with what you have on hand already. They simply rearrange the space and the accessories

Other Ideas

  • Clean their blinds
  • Add a chair rail
  • Install a ceiling fan in the master bedroom
  • Upgrade their kitchen lighting
  • Paint an accent wall (or two) for them
  • Upgrade their dining room light fixture
  • Install new cabinet hardware on their kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • And always offer to clean their carpeting and touch up their paint.

What else have you done as renewal gifts for your residents?