Notes from Happy Economics, presented by Toni Blake

92% of Your Success in Relationship is Because of YOU!

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

~Sir James Barrie

You’ve “Got the POWER” to change your world!


Happy Economics – Is your value going up?
Happy = Soulful Service!

Soulful Service is an “inside job”!
You are Contagious: 80% Attitude / 20% Skill
ADD Positive influences to your world!
Do more of what makes you HAPPY!

Happy Economics

Creating a Culture of Kindness

  • Create a Kindness Council – Each month complete a valued kindness service program to contribute to your city, world and community. (Check out
  • SMILE – You’ve just been tagged! Expressions of anonymous kindness are the name of the game and now YOU’RE IT!
  • Kindness Challenge – “Open the door for someone”
  • Kindness Projects – Hand made thank you cards for police and firemen; teach appreciation day and cards for children in the hospital.
  • – Build a wordle (styled word cloud).

Increase profit & performance with Happy Economics!

  • Build an environment that encourages your team to be happy.
  • It’s time for a FUNraiser!!!
  • How do you increase the level of “Happy” at work?
  • Are you allowed? Is it a profitable strategy?

Happy is as Happy does!

  • Schedule RECESS
  • Spontaneity – Let it BE!!
  • Be open to different types of FUN! Leaders don’t always lead the fun!
  • Constantly Celebrate!!!!
  • SEE the GOOD & Reward it! Don’t let good become invisible!
  • Encourage EXTRAordinary ideas!
  • Reward EXTRAordinary actions
  • Celebration tools: “Look at ME” cards
  • Forgiveness drives innovation: “Get out of Jail FREE” cards
  • Giving drives the heart to do more: RAK Tree
  • Random Acts of Compliments from the management
  • Play games at work / Turn learning and processes into fun!
  • Instant rewards: Quick Coupons – 2hr Lunch, Sleep Late Coupon
  • Encourage FUN with Props & Toys
  • Fortune Cookies with positive reinforcement
  • Motivational Quote of the day / Download the app

Change to a more POSITIVE communication style

Ask for POSITIVE reviews! 62.4% of residents surveyed by SatisFacts said they would post a positive comment on the property Facebook page or on a ratings site like Apartment Ratings, if they were ASKED! You have not because you ASK NOT!

Do not compensate your resident in ANY WAY for the positive review. This creates an obligation and will ruin the post. They must be inspired to share their own authentic voice. Use your comment as a simple reminder of the value of their voice to the success of the community. BE grateful, not obligatory!

Yelp: 24% of people rated moving their home as very stressful. Help with the decision process by giving “confidence in your community” to your next neighbor with an honest review on Yelp! People trust reviews; let’s give them reviews from people they can trust! “Thanks you for taking time to share you voice at We appreciate an opportunity to offer honest representations of our community to your future neighbors.”

Build POSITIVE Mobile Marketing

Your marketing is NOW in the palm of their hand! 61% of all phones are now smartphones (Pew Research, 2013)

Video accounts for 66 percent of mobile data traffic. Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

Redesign your property collateral with FREE social tools to record audio voice files, add music, record video & add pictures for new media.

Great LINKS & Apps:

  • QuickVoice2Tex Email Pro – Record voice messages to send by email
  • – Text photo with caption program for a limited viewing time
  • QuickTime Pro – Record audio and video for both windows and Mac
  • Photo Wall Collage – Follow-up with custom tour photos and your personal message
  • Album App by Dreamix Studio – A great app to build digital photo albums
  • Photo Glitter By ONE-R INC – Decorate photos by using the colorful pen, stamps, beautiful frames and fonts.
  • – Create your own video online for free and link it with social media sites
  • – Create one-of-a-kind slideshows, greetings, invitations, and more
  • – Build books and albums of pictures to share
  • – Hoops & Yoyo e-cards, $12.00 per year subscription