I absolutely love leasing consultants! In general, these individuals are motivated, happy, up-beat professionals who truly enjoy their careers. But let’s face it, staying at this high energy level can take a lot out of a person if someone isn’t assisting with a little outside motivation.

At one time or another, we have all been members of a treasure hunt. You might have been tied together with nine other people, stumbling down the streets of New Orleans in search of clues from local vendors that would ultimately lead you to that winning treasure or something similar. Treasure hunts are fun; they combine wit, tenacity, mystery, excitement and much more.

What if we applied the treasure hunt concept to leasing apartments? What if, every time a leasing consultant secured an application, he or she was provided a clue that would ultimately lead him/her to a special item hidden somewhere on-site? For instance, the first clue would lead them to a Snickers bar. The second clue would lead them to a piece of Laffy Taffy. The third clue would lead them to a Jolly Rancher candy. And the final clue would lead them to tickets for an evening at the local comedy club.

As a leasing consultant, I would so get into this! I know that I would be pushing for applications harder than ever. Management could sit back and watch their application income rise, their occupancy soar and their “Wait List” build.
Conversely, you could use the same type of incentive with each renewal signed. Management could watch their turn costs quickly decrease, their marketing costs decline, and their maintenance satisfaction reports rise, since their teams are not tied up with turns.

The front door is key! Keeping the FACE of the community happy and motivated will always “PAY OFF”!

Big team or little team, leasing team or maintenance team… everyone benefits from additional motivation–and so does the bottom line!

So, as a manager, ask yourself: “Have I creatively motivated my team lately?”