As the Mom of two Generation Zs (one 19, one 17), I’ve been aware of the differences between Gen Z and Millennials for a long time. I first noticed it when my daughters did their online searches on BOTH YouTube and Google. Fifty four percent of Gen Z visits YouTube multiple times a day. What does this tell you? Your property needs to be on YouTube NOW. And even better? The competition on YouTube is much less than on Google. By the thousands.

Gen Z is the first totally digital generation we have seen. And all of this multitasking across as many as five screensat a time has had a profound effect on them, even causing their brains to evolve differently than other generations. The result? This generation is extraordinarily visual. Translation: photos, not text, are the best way to get the attention of this group of renters. Add minimal text to photos with apps such as WordSwag and FontCandy.

Top ways to Reach Gen Z:

  1. Texting is their primary form of communication. Does your company have a texting platform in place? Can your prospects text from your website? Can your residents text in their service requests? Even Millennials, Gen X’rs and Boomers like to text. It’s time you have this ability added to your communication lineup.
  2. Social media. Co-creation is in Gen Z’s DNA. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram in partnership with your residents to make memorable marketing messages. Host a video contest where residents create their own videos explaining why they love their apartment so much. Allowing your residents to design the message gives you testimonials, great marketing messages, and excellent shareable content.
  3. Presentation is everything. Remember that this group has grown up experiencing retail through Apple stores. Think sleek, streamlined leasing offices with easily identifiable career apparel on your team, along with name tags. Making the buying experience easy is something that Gen Z appreciates. Offer opportunities for them to view your community via a livestream experience. Periscope and Meerkat are two platforms (both are free) that provide the realistic, honest approach to a tour that Gen Z prefers.

Lastly, remember that this group of renters will be larger than ANY existing generation. They are coming into your leasing offices now…and will be for years to come. Be prepared.